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Masters in France | Inhale EP

Masters in France from Caernarfon in Wales, comprise Ed Ellis Jones (lead singer), Owain Ginsberg (guitarist) Owain Jones (bassist)
Sion Ed (drummer) and Matthew Ellis Sayer. The band came to fruition in 2009 and are set to release their debut EP Inhale on 15th September 2011.


Masters in France

Masters in France

Inhale is a five track EP launching with Mad Hatter a track which introduces razor sharp beat to fuzzed guitar. I am reminded of Electro-Pop circa 1982, with an updated syncopation.

Orbitoclast provides an interesting variation, still dance hall based – Do they still exist I wonder – Love the bongo style drumming which adds to a sense of fun. A free ranging track which has the hallmarks of the current indie mood in the UK. I am undecided as to whether this is a commercial step or natural hunting ground for the guys, I need to listen to some of their live sets. Either way, it is as it is. Bang on with current sentiment and should sell the EP on its own merit.

I like Greyhounds, which  lets the band get on with playing a strong shoegaze influenced rock number. Plenty of energy and direction, while carrying a depth of musicality. Three and a half minutes of great musicianship.

A.I, takes the listener back to electro-trance, with the enhancement of guitar. Ed has a Marmite voice, I happen to like Marmite but on a personal level not sure sure this is Marmite, but hey, what do I know. A good little sound on this track, but somehow it seems to be lacking soul.

Finishing with a flourish Little Girl is five minutes of story-telling. Superb vocal delivery which sits perfectly with the trippy lazy swooning guitar. There is always a danger of a track this long becoming a background noise from which the listener switches off. This contains enough variation and strength to retain attention.

Overall an interesting EP with enough to satisfy most ears.

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