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Ambassadors is an indie rock band from Brooklyn in the USA. Sam Harris (Vocals / instrumentalist), Casey Harris (Keyboards),  Noah Feldshuh (Guitar), and Adam Levin (drums) although having started while all, bar Casey, were in college back in 2006, it wasn’t until 2010 that the band was able to fully commit. Having searched for a bass player, the quartet decided to strike their own path.



A cracking sound emerges from the band as the influences of Soul and R&B are given space to develop within the mixer before spilling to the ears. Sagacious use of percussion preclude the listener from any sense of lack of bass as the quartet deftly negotiate the potential pitfall of a rock based out-fit sans the rumbling frame-work. Energy exudes through the music, whilst a hint of emotional anxiety creates a sound which encapsulates the audience.

It always amazes me that I can enjoy music that doesn’t contain a booming bass, Ambassadors is on of those pleasant shocks to the system. On a wide-ranging tour as I write, I hope the quartet is able to extend the wings over here to Europe, the music nestles neatly in to the space and I am sure the live performance would be a night-out, well spent.


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