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Jon and Lynn – Last Road to Home

Looking at the visualisation of Last Road to Home, it shouldn’t work, but once again and Jon and Lynn have shown that the duo makes it all happen as it should.

On each occasion that it seems the duo are about to miss an instrument as Lynn reaches a pause, Jon responds with a bass line which fills in the gap and the Last Road to Home continues to make sense. This is a track on which I found myself finding more intricacy the more I listened, bearing in mind this is a duo, that is some mean feat.

Kudos to Jon and Lynn for taking on what they must have known was a complex piece and they have made it work really well. It is great to hear, as the duo have developed Lynn taking a far more leading role, which works superbly, particularly in this release.

I particularly like the fact they have opened themselves up to the potential  that more instrumentation could have opened up another avenue, but have had the confidence to answer this with an inspired bass response.

This is a duo who should be supported and it wont be long before they have the confidence to put their music up for sale. Grab it while you can.

The Last Road to Home

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8 Responses to “Jon and Lynn – Last Road to Home”
  1. lynn stein says:

    Thank you for the great support and playing a role in our process.

  2. alma groskinsky says:

    Your are both so in sink on this two pros working side by side
    like one instrument there is no name for just beautiful .

  3. Amazing!! Jon & Lynn is not an acquired taste. IT IS the taste of the real-music-savvy generation. Clean, unpretentious playing, with Lynn’s honest yet provocative vocals. The song touches the weary traveler in all of us. Again, amazing!!

  4. Tim says:

    Beans and rice? Bangers and mash surely…., but hey, I know exactly what you mean Carolyn and once again thanks for taking time out to comment on the blog.

    Don’t forget the band of the month vote which is now open until 7th November

  5. This new song is so splendid! Jon Burr has been acknowledged as a great bassist for some time. But when he plays alongside Lynn Stein’s singing, it’s a whole ‘nuther thing–a complete experience, like beans and rice. Lynn hints at a life’s story when she sings. As it was with Billie Holiday, Ella, Blossom Dearie, nobody remotely sounds like her. I hope together they reach a wide and appreciative audience!


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