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Jon and Lynn New release – Downtown

Jon and Lynn continue to release new arrangements of classic tracks and this week, I have been sent Downtown:

Downtown- Jon and Lynn

I think this is perhaps one of their best arrangements, as the Bass is played to the extremity of its range with some fantastic slap and picking from Jon. I just hope he had plenty of plasters around.

This arrangement of Downtown has a real uplifting sound to it and I found myself smiling in enjoyment as the duo reached another level in their short time playing together.

It is difficult to believe this arrangement is just a bass and vocal, as the continual hopping beat from the bass should need more than one player. Lynns vocals are pitched really well to the mood of the track.

In my opinion, this is the best track they have released so far and this style suits perfectly for the duo. I am pretty sure Jon must nurse bruised fingers, but they pull this one right out of the bag.

The only thing missing are some new images of Jon and Lynn, so if anyone else can join me in my request for new images,  please either comment below or contact them directly.

For more on Jon and Lynn.

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4 Responses to “Jon and Lynn New release – Downtown”
  1. lynn stein says:

    wow, this is great!! thanks TIM!!

  2. alma groskinsky says:

    Very nice to hear this in a different style

    Done great..

    I agree get some pictures

    • Tim says:

      Great to see you again.

      I think this is a great release. Quite agree on the pics and thanks for giving the hint

  3. alma groskinsky says:

    Very nice to hear this in a different style

    Done great..

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