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Jake Leg

Jake Leg from Thessaloniki in Greece is Tolis (vocals), Babis (guitar), Makis (bass) and Aggelos (drum) who make up the indie rock band formed in 2005. Bring on the scratched guitar string, rumbling bass and rattling drums – what a great way to start my morning. Jake Leg is well known in the local circuit and […]

Recording Studios; too mainstream for Indie outfits?

This is a sponsored article. The world of Independent music is just as often about breaking the mould as it is about finding ways around production costs. Without the backing of major, or even minor, record labels the latest and greatest Indie artists are having to become increasingly money conscious when it comes to getting […]

The Blue Collars

Rob Morris (Vocals), Simon Taylor (Guitar), Rob Henton (Bass), Jake Grocott (Guitar) and Kris Hassall (Drums) make up the five piece indie rock band The Blue Collars from Stoke-on-Trent in England. This is another Ronseal Band who fill me with a smile – Let’s step back a moment – Ronseal band? Well we did that sometime in 2011, you haven’t […]

Oak Street Blues

Oak Street Blues is an alt-pop band from Pasadena in the USA with the five piece line-up of Chris Hall (Lead Guitar / Vocals), Desiree Gonzalez (Keyboards / Vocals), Jenny Arias (Bass), Alejandra Arellano (Drums) and Kevin Ng (Percussion / Bass). Their live performances are well known for vivid laser displays. A quivering jelly of folk, rock and pop wobbles […]

EL Rayo Verde

El Rayo Verde is an indie band from Buenos Aires in Argentina. Originally formed as a four piece in 2010 – after the departure of one member the remaining trio of Noelia Fernández (Keyboards / Violin / Guitar /Vocal),  Juan Tranier (Guitar / Mandolin /Vocal) and Facundo Ordoñez (Bass / Guitar / Mandolin) changed the structure slightly […]

An interview with Pretty Solitude and the video for Angel

I wrote a review, back in October 2012 of the LP Hollow by Pretty Solitude and had the opportunity to catch up with Rebecka Heijel and Matz Lundin to discuss Swedish landscapes and opportunities in Japan.   website Hollow is available on * Join the indie bands blog on twitter for more of the latest music […]

Ginger and The Ghost – One Type of Dark – Audio only

The Sydney, Australia based indie pop duo who make up Ginger and the Ghost are busy working on their debut EP and at present there isn’t much recorded music to hear. What little music I have been able to find indicates an interesting out-fit and it is with anticipation that I look forward to being […]

Band of the week top 5 chart 18th to 24th November 2012

The Band of the week top 5 chart for 18th to 24th November 2012 ranges across Asia, Europe and North America with They Might Swim taking the number one spot. 1. They Might Swim (England) 2. Float The Witch (USA) 3. The Struts (England) 4. Dub Addiction (Cambodia) 5. Franco and The Dreadnought (England) Last […]

La Ciudad Bajo La Niebla

La Ciudad Bajo La Niebla is an indie rock band from Buenos Aires in Argentina. Having gone through some changes in personnel during the four years of their existence the current link-up consists of Avati Martin (vocals / guitar), Marilyn Avati (Keyboards), Juan Cruz Scozzanich (Drums),  Agustin Cruz and Paul Di Riaco (Bass). With a breadth of […]


Skimmed is an indie band based around Birkirkara in Malta where they meet up to practice. The quartet comprise Alexandra Aquilina (vocals / keys), Daniel Borg (guitar), Federico Cilia (bass) and Christoffer Mercieca (drums). There is a frisson that shivers down the spine on hitting play as the purple velvet gloves of sound emerge across the room wrapping […]

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