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Exit Earth – WYB – Audio Only

Exit Earth who I introduced in June 2012 are working on a new LP – Heavy Eyes – set for release on April 3rd 2013 in advance they have made WYB available as a free-download. I look forward to the new LP and will get a review written once I have a copy to tell […]

October – High Heels / Cheap Thrills – Audio Only

October is a lo-fi shoegaze outfit from Winnipeg in Canada, with a new three track demo EP  - here is the opener High Heels / Cheap Thrills. I look forward to having the opportunity to write a full review of October, once more music becomes available. From what I have been able to hear, this […]

Ginger and The Ghost – One Type of Dark – Audio only

The Sydney, Australia based indie pop duo who make up Ginger and the Ghost are busy working on their debut EP and at present there isn’t much recorded music to hear. What little music I have been able to find indicates an interesting out-fit and it is with anticipation that I look forward to being […]

Dead Cars – Zanussi Cutprice Rock – Audio Only

Dead Cars from Brighton in England have a new EP – Good People Have White Teeth – set for official launch on the 24th November 2012. Here is –  Zanussi Cutprice Rock  - a track which reminds me of a mix between Adam and The Ants pre warpaint and The Adverts. Donations to help with the running […]

Franco and the Dreadnought – Last Man Standing

Franco and the Dreadnought who we originally covered in April 2012 has a new release coming out on the 25th November 2012 – Last Man Standing. To accompany the single is a twelve strong remix and here are five versions of Last Man Standing to take a listen to. Far better than hearing it on the speakers, […]

Exit Earth – Collarbone – Audio only

Exit Earth who I had a look at in October 2012 is back with a new track –  Collarbone. With a slightly more refined sound this is an interesting development for the band and it will be interesting to hear their next release. Join the indie bands blog on Facebook for more of the best […]

ShiShi – The Vow – Audio only

ShiShi who we had a look at in September 2012 are keen to get back to recording and have added The Vow to the playlist. The only thing I can assure you of when you hit play is that your speakers haven’t melted as ShiShi stretch the notes ever wider with The Vow. If you […]

David Arn – Better Off Today – Audio only

David Arn who was written about back in June 2012 has a new LP set for release in early 2013 – Walking to Dreamland – is making available on early release the track Better Off Today. If you fly Delta in the USA you will in all likelihood have heard this and now you know where it […]

Those Makeshift Heroes – Whispers – Audio only

Those Makeshift Heroes is an indie pop-rock band from London in the very early stages of their career with a track to share – Whispers. I knew when I set up this section of the website there was a reason and here we have it – so new and fresh I only have one track […]