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Band of the Month top 10 chart November 2012

The band of the month top ten chart on the indie bands blog. 1. Bernays Propaganda (Macedonia) My Personal Holiday is available on * 2. They Might Swim (England) 3. Wings of Apollo (USA) The Eponymous LP is available on * 4. Masters in France (Wales) Playin’ With My Friends is available on 5. The […]

Band of the week top 5 chart 18th to 24th November 2012

The Band of the week top 5 chart for 18th to 24th November 2012 ranges across Asia, Europe and North America with They Might Swim taking the number one spot. 1. They Might Swim (England) 2. Float The Witch (USA) 3. The Struts (England) 4. Dub Addiction (Cambodia) 5. Franco and The Dreadnought (England) Last […]

Float The Witch

Float The Witch is an alternative indie rock band from New Jersey in the USA. Carmelina Lista (Vocals), Brian Roy (Bass), Ben Petty (Guitar) and Anthony Freda (Drums) spent some time in the studio over the summer of 2012 to produce their Eponymous EP. The plangent sound-waves that wend their way in to the ears ooze of dripping oil paints as […]