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Nehedar is an alt-pop singer songwriter from New York in the USA. Bringing together a range on instruments across tracks Nehedar injects a sound that gathers influences from across the world. Instrumentally the sounds are very much about setting a backdrop to the lyrical content and on the surface the aural context is glossy, but […]


Bedfellows is the alt-pop trio of Justin Vassallo, Jack Glenn and Garrett Cook from New York in The USA. One of the pleasures of synth driven alt-pop is the ease with which it settles in the ears. One of the turn-offs of synth driven alt-pop is the ease with which is settles in the ears. Bedfellows […]

Edine avec Lisle Mitnik et son orchestre

Edine avec Lisle Mitnik et son orchestre also known simply as Edine is the duo of Edine based in Hong Kong and England and Lisle Mitnik based in the USA who create their individualistic alternative indie collaborations through the internet. Both play in other bands whilst finding time to collaborate and to get the momentum going have […]

Oak Street Blues

Oak Street Blues is an alt-pop band from Pasadena in the USA with the five piece line-up of Chris Hall (Lead Guitar / Vocals), Desiree Gonzalez (Keyboards / Vocals), Jenny Arias (Bass), Alejandra Arellano (Drums) and Kevin Ng (Percussion / Bass). Their live performances are well known for vivid laser displays. A quivering jelly of folk, rock and pop wobbles […]


You may well wonder why it has taken so long to review MS MR the alt-pop duo of Max and Lizzy based in New York in the USA. Lizzy is originally from London and Max was born in Seattle and they have found a natural space in New York – this is a duo I […]


Kae, from Dordrecht in Holland started out life in 2008 as a singer/ lyricist –  songwriter collaboration between Alex Elzer and Korine Varekamp. In mid 2011 the band developed to the current stage presence of Korine (vocal), Eric Hertogh (Keys), Marcel Chrétien (Guitar), Pim Nagtzaam  (Bass) and Rob Wagterveld (Drums). I pondered between Alternative vocal and alternative pop to get […]