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Indica are a four piece band from Buenos Aires in Argentina. Having started life in 2004, the band now consists of Rubén Farzati (vocals & guitar), David Vera (vocals & bass), Pablo Fabregat (guitar) and Gastón Del Popolo (drums). Far more than a simple indie rock out-fit, Indica who take their name from a ’60s avant art-gallery in London, wrap together a melange […]

Gaoler’s Daughter – St. Peter

Gaoler’s Daughter the London band who feature quite regularly on the indie bands blog have a new single out, St. Peter. There is no mistaking the distinctive sound of Gaoler’s Daughter and St. Peter refreshes the mind as to why they are a band who should be gaining far more exposure. The unmistakeable voice of […]

Review of Spiderland by Slint

Thanks to Micus Decimus of Evol  for this review of the seminal band Slint and their album Spiderland. HISTORY Slint have been hailed by many as the originators of post rock. Mixing hardcore punk ethics (but not punk aggression) with desolate soundscapes.  The band formed in 1985 and consisted of – David Pajo (guitar), Brian […]

The See See – Gig review

Once again, thanks to Andy Carlin for the review ( which is from a while ago). The See See were actually the support band at this gig for The Ruby Suns but outshone them completely. When the set kicked off it was following on from a first gig band (Arch M) and so they had […]

Pink Narcissus – Review – Block Your Ears / Shield Your Eyes

Pink Narcissus from Brighton in the UK, brought out their latest EP a couple of months ago. Block Your Ears / Shield Your Eyes a 6 track EP which sees them shift a gear on this, their third release. Opening with some great open space guitar, Pink Narcissus pull the ears in to focus with […]

Vegas with Randolph | Above the blue

I received the new CD Above the Blue by Vegas with Randolph,which I rammed in to the car player and enjoyed, then thought, how on earth did these guys from the USA get my address. Eventually I gave up thinking and contacted Eric Kern. The band comprises: John Ratts, Eric Kern, Dave Purol, Dan Aylestock, […]

Super Mirage

Super Mirage from Brooklyn in the USA are a four piece band, comprising – Nathan Leigh  (guitar and vocal), Kyle Jarrow (keyboards and vocal), Drew St. Aubin (drums) and Arvi Sreenivasan (bass). All with a stage background, they are known for their visual performance as well as their music. This would have been easy to […]

Slow Down, Molasses

There is a mouthful for a band name – Slow Down, Molasses, who are from Saskatoon in Canada, with a population of c250 000 – why do I mention it- well 9 of them are in the band, with added help from time to time. I have visions of a conurbation here. The core is […]

Death in Plains

Death in Plains is Enrico Boccioletti, from Pesaro in Italy, who brings to the world the sounds of electronics. Death in Plains, is just what needed after a hectic morning, the languorous beats, akin to a synchrocyclotron, with the laid back sound-waves generating an ever more effective cocoon in which to relax. Effortlessly, the days […]

The Damn Jammage – Well Hanged EP

There I was minding my own business and suddenly Damn Jammage came in to view with a new release – Well Hanged. We chatted on Facebook and I had time, but in all honesty the safest way to ensure I get material is to send me an email, I get so easily distracted. Anyway… Damn […]

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