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Super Mirage

Super Mirage from Brooklyn in the USA are a four piece band, comprising – Nathan Leigh  (guitar and vocal), Kyle Jarrow (keyboards and vocal), Drew St. Aubin (drums) and Arvi Sreenivasan (bass). All with a stage background, they are known for their visual performance as well as their music.

Super Mirage

Super Mirage

This would have been easy to put in the thanks but no thanks pile. Fizzy pop sparkles like a glossy saccharine advert, until….. a closer inspection. Super Mirage tread that fine line between being taken as another wanna-be act, or as a group with a perspective. Theatrical backgrounds inject the process of production, there is a danger of becoming more a floor show than a serious band, but in my mind they manage to stay on the right line. Perhaps it is the grit of Brooklyn that enables acts to negotiate the tight-rope (think Marla Mase  – A Brief Night Out- but don’t think of her out-put).

Super Mirage have the capability to play some well structured and creative material. As someone from the UK, it is interesting to hear influences of mainstream Brit-pap (sic) mixed with London New Wave echoed back from a US ear. I can envisage the band doing well, I can however also see them disappearing without a trace. I would dearly like to see them concentrating on the inventive, rather than the mainstream, as this is where they add value to the world of music.


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