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Gaoler’s Daughter – St. Peter

Gaoler’s Daughter the London band who feature quite regularly on the indie bands blog have a new single out, St. Peter.

Gaoler's Daughter | St. Peter

Gaoler's Daughter | St. Peter

There is no mistaking the distinctive sound of Gaoler’s Daughter and St. Peter refreshes the mind as to why they are a band who should be gaining far more exposure.

The unmistakeable voice of John Sterry, reverberates from the speakers, as the highly effective guitar bounces playfully against well tempered percussion. St. Peter finds the band in a perhaps a more commercial frame of mind, as dance beats pulsate my darkened room. I think this adds nicely to the repertoire and is a neat little release which will remind the fans and those searching for emerging bands exactly what makes Gaoler’s Daughter a band worth getting to know. For some reason that reminds me, I must find out if John is still traipsing up from Brighton…

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