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Indica are a four piece band from Buenos Aires in Argentina. Having started life in 2004, the band now consists of Rubén Farzati (vocals & guitar), David Vera (vocals & bass), Pablo Fabregat (guitar) and Gastón Del Popolo (drums).



Far more than a simple indie rock out-fit, Indica who take their name from a ’60s avant art-gallery in London, wrap together a melange of sound, which superficially exposes a Gordion Knot, yet as easily as Alexander solved the puzzle, they seamlessly transport the listener on a voyage of discovery.

It is of no surprise they reference a ’60s art gallery – Indica are deft exponents of spreading beaded cushions on which the audience is invited to recline as the psychedelic influences wave through the brain and they are not a throw-back to a by-gone era, rather a highly relevant and up to the mark ensemble.

Vocals breeze out in their native Spanish, which demands my ears work a little harder, but they are not strained as the whirls of colours relax and raise the dopamine levels. Some highly creative use of instrumentation enables the band to explore spaces that shouldn’t be possible.

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South America and Argentina in particular continue to throw up some superbly creative artists and it is a pleasure to add Indica to that find – appreciate the contact Cesar. If you know of bands, as yet unexplored on the indie bands blog, just drop a note using our contact form.

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