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The Pocket Gods – Plan Nub Behind the Fridge

In the inimitable style that is The Pocket Gods, I received a promo copy of their new LP, Plan Nub – Behind the Fridge, which the introduction track announces is an aural homage to B Movies, snacks and UFOs.

The Pocket Gods Plan Nub Behind the Fridge

The Pocket Gods Plan Nub Behind the Fridge

And with that we have lift off into Nub Country, with Trailer Park on Mars which is hallmark Pocket Gods, superb reverb guitar with echos of The Ramones.

If you enjoy maverick, irreverant indie rock, Plan Nub – Behind the Fridge, which is released on 1st March 2010, should be in your collection.

The Pockets Gods have created an album which covers a breadth of musical influence and is a great showcase of the band. As ever unbounded by any concession to commerciality, driven absolutely by the sheer enjoyment of making music while crashing in to icons as they create some superb rhythms which just demand dance and smiles.

The lyrics to In nub Country reminds me of Sham 69s LP That’s Life *, trailing as it does a day in the life…, the laconic guitar adding layers of atmosphere to a pretty innocuous day.

With a mere 120+ releases behind them, the 16 track LP is written, produced and released with the confidence of a band in complete control of their history and their destiny. It seems perfectly natural that The Pocket Gods describe themselves as: ‘..have taken the world (well Sandringtons) by storm laying claim to being the second best band in the village…’.

Alien Christmas Song, which has me thinking of The Pogues/ Kirtsy MaColl Fairy Tale of New York, even in early January just seems to sit perfectly naturally on the LP, as I am sure it will throughout the year.

Plan Nub Behind the Fridge

Plan Nub Behind the Fridge

And so we head to intermission, which helpfully points out – means we are half way through the LP.

Carry on Behind
, once again takes a subject on which surely there can’t be song, but hey, The Pocket Gods take it on and generate humour and somehow The Squeeze, Cool for Cats flat guitar is in there.

10 carry on behind – by the pocket gods by thepocketgods

Nipple Fight demonstrates superbly the enigma which is The Pocket Gods. Another humour-bound lyric to a beat and guitar riff which could easily be transferred to Kill the Poor by The Dead Kennedys.

Nub Country Life takes the band into Psychedelic rock, yet another genre, they handle with consummate ease.

Zita Reticulli is the penultimate track to the LP and see The Pocket Gods playing with the world of Indian beats and trance.


And so the outro lands us back on earth.

While The Pocket Gods may not proclaim to take themsleves too seriously, they are with no doubt highly capable musicians and song writers, who should have far more air-time and space.

Thanks for sending through the CD Mark and sorry it has taken a while to get the review written.

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