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Stellarscope a three piece band from Philadelphia in the USA, comprise Tom Lugo (vocal /Guitar / fx/ samples/ programming), Rob DeFlaviis (bass / keys) and Bob Forman (drums / percussion). In the decade of their existance the band has evolved their style becoming more experimental with their blend of space-pop.



They are a well structured band, with the experience behind them to take on new directions and challenges whilst retaining the core of the output. They craft psychedelia on to tightly constructed rock songs, which take them in to a completely new and unexpected direction.

Their range of instrumentation makes Stellarscope sound like a band with more than three musicians, as they weave a sonic shroud over fast guitar riffs and heavy rock drum rolls. They use delay and loop back to dramatic effect as the songs take on a space-trip quality. They resist the temptation to run these in to the 20 minute tracks and keep everything well under control, making this accessible music to a wide range of music fans.

With a new LP just released, This is who we are which takes the band on to a new path of musical discovery, it will be interesting to see how 2010 pans out.

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I have a copy of the LP, which Tom sent over to me and I will get a review up in short order.

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