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Band of the month – November 2009

A new entry to the charts and straight in at number one for the band of the month top 20, Krakatoa from the UK

Krakatoa by Katherine Lynott

Krakatoa by Katherine Lynott

Band of the Month November 2009 top 20 chart

  1. Krakatoa UK (new entry)
  2. Brittni Paiva USA (up 16 places)
  3. Reader’s Wives Ireland (up 13 places)
  4. Mono Stereo Sweden (down 2 places)
  5. The Gadsdens UK (up 3 places)
  6. Jon and Lynn USA (down 5 places)
  7. Gaoler’s Daughter UK (new entry)
  8. Solar Uruguay (new entry)
  9. The Drums USA (down 2 places)
  10. Segba Argentina (new entry)
  11. Vaqueros Paganos Argentina (down 6 places)
  12. The Steepwater Band USA (new entry)
  13. Ofeliadorme Italy (down 7 places)
  14. Bauchklang Austria (up 3 places)
  15. Armstrong? Italy (new entry)
  16. Operator Six UK (down 3 places)
  17. Ashdowne UK (new entry)
  18. Gary War USA (down 9 places)
  19. The XX UK (down 5 places)
  20. Rajasthan Roots India (re-entry)

With the top twenty chart for November comprising music from ten different countries and the website had visitors from fifty eight different countries last month, the chart is a reflection of music which resonates around the world.

Having just completed their first major tour in support of the release of the single Fat Cats / Psychedelic City Krakatoa - Fat Cats, Krakatoa are fast developing in to a must see outfit. Their energy bounces off the room in a live performance as the myriad of influences are played with great accuracy. Their infectious songs of hope resonate with fans from a disparate age group.

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