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Domi Chansorn

I am getting the feeling that some of the most fascinating underground music is wandering out of Switzerland and on this occasion I head to Berne to find Domi Chansorn, who plays both as a solo singer /songwriter and multi-instrumentalist and also with others, in each incarnation he extrapolates his finesse as a composer.

Domi Chansorn

Domi Chansorn

This is an engaging composer who meanders across the divide of contemporary rock, modern classics and experimental to define a space which will engage those who enjoy music as a creative art.

Domi Chansorn has no immediate space in an identifiable play-list, but demands attention. He accentuates the flavours of blues, fusing it with funk, then shapes it like a sculptor with a finesse of orchestral composition and emerges with the concept of alternative-classics as the sweeping instrumental is electrified with a soupçon of avante-garde rock.

Never destined to hit the mainstream, but hugely worthy of attention as this is a demonstration of musicianship of the highest order and I thank Domi for doing as he does.

Domi Chansorn – Session Nr. 1 from Domi Chansorn on Vimeo.


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