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Mingmen a heavy metal band from Sion in Switzerland is Sway (Vocals / Guitar), J George (Guitar), Etienne (Bass) and D-Meo (Drums). Mingmen do a good job at making the genre more approachable as rather than jean jackets strewn in badges and grubby leather they concentrate on the construction of the songs, which although containing that distinctive high-pitch voluminous […]

Liv Summer

Liv Summer a folk-pop out-fit from Zurich in Switzerland is essentially cored around Liv Summer (Vocals / Guitar) however the band line-up includes Mischa Maurer (keys), Moritz Meyer (bass) and Dominic Eschmann (drums). Sometimes it is a good thing to get out of the comfort zone as a music fan and so I step with Liv Summer, […]


The members of Kultuattenat - Samy D, I Buchi, Laureen, Mirinita, Thomas, Tinitus, Collie Herb, Holger, Pascal, Josephine and Bruno from Lagenthal in Switzerland deliver a twist to Dance-hall Ska. Slipping out of the speakers is delight to my ears. Ska beats swarm across the room and the sheer numbers of players gives Kultuattenat so much width, it is […]

Domi Chansorn

I am getting the feeling that some of the most fascinating underground music is wandering out of Switzerland and on this occasion I head to Berne to find Domi Chansorn, who plays both as a solo singer /songwriter and multi-instrumentalist and also with others, in each incarnation he extrapolates his finesse as a composer. This is an […]