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Prevrat is an electro rock vehicle for Ric Gordon a singer songwriter from Kansas City in the USA to explore faltering relationships.

Prevrat is an electro rock outfit from the USA


A palpable haze of atmosphere seeps through the room on hitting play as Prevrat discourse the ‘almost’ of relationships existing at different levels of expectation. Somewhat brooding, but nonetheless engaging.

Influences range back to 1st February 1980  (this precision will become apparent in the song I have selected) through international dimensions, you will find reggae to raga coursing through various tracks as Ric  extrapolates the dynamics of interconnectivity with music that verges on the ambient. These are sounds to be taken on a full journey as to listen to pieces in isolation misses the purpose, flow and full dynamic of the songs.

The areas of consideration include both personal and societal relationships which gives an interesting additional dimension to the out-put. Whilst I give praise on a personal level to his range of musical travel, I fear this will work as a negativity in the minds of some, as it is difficult to source a core essence to the sounds. In many ways listening to a selection of tracks is akin to picking up a random mix tape and the listener is never sure what will come next, whilst that works well in retaining interest to a first listen, it makes building a longer term affinity more problematical.

Having only been round for a year and perhaps still finding his feet and direction, my advice is not to let that put you off and I wish Ric every success with Prevrat.

1st February 1980 you may still be wondering – If you don’t think this sounds like a slowed down version of Call Me, I would be very surprised.


Call Me – Single – Blondie is available on iTunes*

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