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Beth Bombara

Beth Bombara is the Americana / blues singer songwriter from St. Louis in the USA. Theoretically I should be coming out in a rash, such is my typical reaction to this style of music. However it remains and continues to develop as a force because when it is done well, there is a powerful emotional […]

Domi Chansorn

I am getting the feeling that some of the most fascinating underground music is wandering out of Switzerland and on this occasion I head to Berne to find Domi Chansorn, who plays both as a solo singer /songwriter and multi-instrumentalist and also with others, in each incarnation he extrapolates his finesse as a composer. This is an […]

Evil Eye Gypsy

Evil Eye Gypsy came to my attention and I thought I should add this acid rock, blues band from Dayton in the USA.  With seven to fit on the stage you may anticipate Sarah (Vocals), Nick (Bass), Jay (Guitar / Vocals / Keyboards), Mike (Guitar / Harmonica / Keyboards), Jonathan (Drums), Sherree (Percussion / Vocals) and Wolfgang (Guitar / Keyboards / Percussion […]