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Mike Marlin

Mike Marlin is a new wave singer songwriter from London in England.

Mike Marlin

Mike Marlin

Back in 1982 Mike left his world of playing in bands to pursue a paying career, but he kept his hand in tune and back in 2009 he made a new connection and in 2011 released his debut LP Nearly Man in early 2011, followed by Man on the Ground which appeared in February 2012. On tour with The Stranglers as I write, he has had to cancel his own UK tour planned for this month, due to their desire for him to keep playing on their tour, though do expect to see that re-scheduled and I would suggest a ticket when the dates become known would be a money well spent.

Pulling together his early influences Mike releases a considered maturity to his acerbity which sits as in emotional contextual diary. The dark mood is powerfully reflected in a soulful vocal rendition. It isn’t possible to listen to Mike Marlin, without becoming engaged in the life-story unfolding.

Of a similar musical age, it is interesting to hear how time has mellowed the tones of reflection, in comparison to my own still visceral delivery and Mike serves up a strength of out-put which will appeal to a range of generations, with music which suits so many occasions.

The only surprise being the 30 year gap in the full time musical career, as this is a powerful and able musician, who is also a superb poetical lyricist with much more to add to the world of music than the time-line has so far allowed.

Immediately sits on my playlist. Thanks for sticking with it Mike and all the best for the future.

Before we get to Mike live on tour with The Stranglers, on the same tour Jean-Jacques deals with a heckler.


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