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Armstrong? from Turin in Italy are a trio who first got together in 2005, use a wide range of instrumentation to produce their distinctive dream wave music. Rob (electric and acoustic guitars, piano and electronics) Stefano (bass, synth and  loops) and Marco (drums and electronics) have recently released the album Collateral.



While the musical construction is complex, with loop back and layered guitars, they have retained a directness to the music as the layers create a wave that washes over the listener. With soft lyric and guitar effects, the driving bass and guitar maintain a momentum, which superbly frame the tracks.

The Weezy breath of ghosts by Armstrong?

Armstrong? have managed target their sound with precision, as the multiple layers resonate comfortably, yet with a complexity of construction to retain interest in the output. This is not a particularly easy feat as many bands of this genre manage to create a bland wallpaper texture. Armstrong? rise to the challenge and generate a sound which demands attention.

Winning You by Armstrong?

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