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Band of the week top 5 chart – w/e 30th March 2013

The band of the week top 5 for w/e 30th March 2013 sees The Blue Collars, who have been in the top five for all of the year so far, at number one and the return of OfeliaDorme, who last made the chart in April 2011. 1. The Blue Collars (England) 2. Secret Oktober (England) […]

The Poster Boy

The Poster Boy is an Indie pop band from Budapest in Hungary comprising Imre Poniklo (Guitars / Keyboards  / Vocals), Noel R.  Mayer (Guitar / Keyboards / Vocals),  Michael Zwecker (Drums) and Zoltán  Fehér (Bass) plus on occasion Viki Singh adds vocals. Sharper eyed readers will recall Imre and Michael from the EP review of SALT III. But this is a completely […]

Exit Earth – WYB – Audio Only

Exit Earth who I introduced in June 2012 are working on a new LP – Heavy Eyes – set for release on April 3rd 2013 in advance they have made WYB available as a free-download. I look forward to the new LP and will get a review written once I have a copy to tell […]

SALT III – Eponymous – EP preview

8th April 2013 sees SALT III from Budapest in Hungary digitally release their debut eponymous EP. SALT III is a collective of musicians based in Budapest – Toof (Russian),  Imre Poniklo (Hungarian), Zoli Kovary and Michael Zwecker (American) who aptly came up with the name SALT III as a play on the SALT I and II agreements. All […]

Fun Fact

Fun Fact is the Rock ‘n’ Roll trio of Justin D’Croix (vocal / Guitar), Alex Tirolese (Saxophone /Bass) and Kelly Currie (Drums) from London in Canada. Well how could I ignore more than a touch of rock-a-billy as the day took a decidedly better turn when I hit play.  For an orchestra Fun Fact have a huge musical […]


Downlouders is not a spelling mistake, but an experimental psychedelic music collective from Tuscany in Italy. Various members include - Andrea Cajelli (drums/ percussion / synth /vocals), Andrea Manenti (bass / guitars / vocals), Enrico Mangione (guitars / synth / fx / vocals), Giandomenico Fraschini (piano / rhodes / synth / vocals), Marco Sessa (synth / loops / […]

OfeliaDorme – Bloodroot – LP review

22nd March 2013 saw OfeliaDorme from Bologna in Italy who I last reviewed in February 2011 release Bloodroot their new LP which will be supported by a tour in Italy starting in April. Francesca Bono sent me the CD a while ago, so it is with apologies to all that this has taken a couple […]

A Guide to Music Licensing

Sponsored Article If you’re a film-maker, then you will be extremely interested to learn how music licensing works. Why you may ask? This is because a good sounding soundtrack or score can make your movie really stand-out. If you’re a musician, then you will want to learn more about music licensing for its residual income. […]

Sincerely, The Alchemists

Sincerely, The Alchemists is Marc Koza (Lead Vocals), Dave Lilly (Piano) and Justin Muldoon (Vocals / Electronics) – an electro-pop band from Philadelphia in the USA. Despite my heart cringing at the concept of a band introducing themselves as ‘pop’ as ever I dutifully opened the player as is the promise of the Indie Bands Blog to all introductions, I […]

Band of the week top 5 chart w/e 23rd March 2013

The band of the week top 5 chart for w/e 23rd March 2013 is topped by The Banter Thiefs from Scotland.   1. The Banter Thiefs (Scotland) All Your Life – Single – The Banter Thiefs is available on iTunes*. 2. The Fox & The Hounds (USA) The Fox & The Hounds – The Fox […]

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