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Sincerely, The Alchemists

Sincerely, The Alchemists is Marc Koza (Lead Vocals), Dave Lilly (Piano) and Justin Muldoon (Vocals / Electronics) – an electro-pop band from Philadelphia in the USA.

Sincerely, The Alchemists

Sincerely, The Alchemists

Despite my heart cringing at the concept of a band introducing themselves as ‘pop’ as ever I dutifully opened the player as is the promise of the Indie Bands Blog to all introductions, I found myself not falling in love with Sincerely, The Alchemists – but respectful.

Unlike the wallpaper sounds of ‘pop’ Sincerely, The Alchemists work to extend the expectations of the listeners as they deliver something that resonates of a pedigree of sincerity. Sure they are wanting to make radio friendly music and this once again stretches the boundaries of where I find the perimeters of what my ears can bear, but I survived and it is in total thanks to the pianoforte, which creates an engaging atmosphere from which the electronics rebound providing the trio a platform from which to springboard their material.

Sincerely, The Alchemists occasionally step to a more club friendly sound which resonates more closely to my ears when the abilities of the musicians are give wider wings to explore and for me, it is in these occasional forays that I find the ensemble has some real value to add to the world of music. However my role is not to criticise ambition and if radio airplay is their chosen route, so be it.

As a reader of the website, my thoughts to you are, ignore the plastic and engage with the extensions and you will find a band of interest.


From Coal to Gold – Sincerely, The Alchemists is available on iTunes*.

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