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New Year Ninety 2013 60 to 51

The New Year Ninety for positions 60 to 51 on this the 2013 version of the chart, which is it’s third year of publishing.

Indie bands blog

Indie bands blog

60 – Domi Chansorn (Switzerland)

59 – Singleton (The Ukraine)

58 – Face The King (USA)

The Burning & The Falling Down is available on The Burning & The Falling Down - EP - Face The King*

57 – The Shh (Malta / France)

The Burning Love is available on The Burning Love EP - The Shh*

56 – The 7 Frogs (Greece)

55 – Spectrals (England)

Bad Penny is available on Bad Penny - Spectrals*

54 – The xx (England)

Coexist is available on Coexist - The xx*

53 – Grande (Hungary)

52 – ImagineIAM (USA)

EP (the name of the EP) is available on Ep - EP - imagineIAM*

51 – Pitch Feather (Singapore)

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*Purchases made through the Mild Mannered Madmen - EP - Gentlemen Duke links will result in the Indie Bands Blog earning a commission.


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