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Face The King

Face the King is an alternative indie rock band from New York in the USA. With a burning ambition to succeed and an unwavering loyalty to their fan base, it is usually the other way round. Eric Zirlinger (Vocals / Guitar / Keys),  Dan DelVecchio Guitar / Vocals), Joey Dammacco (Bass / Vocals) and Randy Palumbo (Drums) are a great example for aspiring bands on how to get a break in the industry.

Face The King

Face the King – Photo by: Kristin Tully

I have never have set myself up as an arbiter of taste, particularly with my penchant for three chord three minute songs. However my musical steer isn’t what the Indie Bands Blog is about, rather in showcasing bands who add something to the world of music to have a little space in a big internet.

It isn’t the music that draws me to Face The King, as it sits inside that Stadium Rock genre, that sends a shiver up my spine, not for positive reasons, but the superb attitude of the musicians. Doing fairly well and gaining an ever growing reputation in live performance, which is where they excel, but still able to find the time to listen to their fan-base. I received an introduction from the band via a recommendation to send the material over to me by one of their twitter fans, who they specifically mentioned in their introduction and I liked that, it shows a good mental position to be in and one that many bands could learn a smart lesson from.

What about the music? Well, yes it is that Stadium Rock sound of anthemic space and delivery, but it doesn’t come over as a surly arrogance, rather a space in which the musicians excel. The music has a muted and emotional context in which the music and vocal lie in harmony, not seeking to out ego one another, but aiming to deliver a sound which relies on all the elements to secure the performance.

When they let their emotional cortex’s rip, then the band not only become able players they actually manage to get me to think, I must get out to see these guys play at some big impersonal corporate space one day. With a new release You, Me, & The Sound coming out shortly, I find myself in that extremely weird space of thinking I look forward to a Stadium Rock release.


The Burning & The Falling Down is available on The Burning & The Falling Down - EP - Face The King*

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