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imagineIAM is an experimental alternative rock band from Lafayette in the USA comprises Chad FaulkCarolyn Scalfano-FaulkIan GuidrozDallas Griffith and Brycen Gaddis.



I appreciate emails that get to the point. This introduction certainly was – containing a mere eight words. No hi, thanks or bye. Even the response to the reply I sent requesting more information didn’t bother to do more than answer my question with the list of members and location.  Fortunately the music imagineIAM create is far more expressive.

Utilising two vocals there is a theatrical element to some of the material as it bounces from speaker to speaker delivering what may best be described as order out of chaos. Digging to the essential ingredients of music and baring the roots the quintet set out to excavate and expose the gnarled structures with which they play, developing their own nodose off-shoots.

Challenging the brain in a game of mazes the material is put together with excruciating care and consideration, as despite the myriad of facets, there is always something recognizable on which to focus. This is a sound I come across more frequently from the art musicians in New York so it is good to hear the West Coast delivering a repost. Interestingly it contains a more Urban sound to it – drawing references from hip-hop, not found in the Brooklyn based alternatives.


Merry Go Round is available on Merry Go Round - EP - imagineIAM*

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