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The XX

The XX from South West London, comprising Romy Madley Croft (vocals and guitar), Oliver Sim (vocals and bass), Baria Qureshi (keyboards and guitar) and Jamie Smith (Sampler), combine sounds reminiscent of dark ’80s guitar and American R&B.

The XX

The XX

The duet of the two hushed vocals and inventive samples, together with the evocative guitar, creates hypnotic music, which is great to be able to write about on the indie bands blog.

The newly released eponymous debut album showcases their musical breadth really well and makes a good addition to a play-list. With an extensive live tour coming up across Europe and North America, this is a UK band worth trying to find time to see.

Having honed their skills since 2005, the band are polished, without being pretentious and deserve their fast growing success.

I enjoyed their music, which has a hint of The Smiths, but the creativity behind it to be something new and refreshing. The XX don’t sit in the mainstream of chart music, but I would expect this band to connect with a broad base and would besurprised not to hear a lot more from them in the mainstream in the next few months.

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I hope The XX stay true to the sound they have uniquely carved for themselves and following their development on the indie bands blog.

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10 Responses to “The XX”
  1. oscar says:

    The Smiths popped to mind, but it has an evolved sound. The volume stays the same through every song, but the vocals and lyrics provoke amazing sensations. I am thrilled to have this album and I am pushing, or better said introducing it to everyone…music like this doesn’t need to be pushed it attracts on it’s own very well.


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