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Pitch Feather

Pitch Feather from Singapore is an indie folk-rock trio comprising Alberta (Vocals / Keyboards / Melodica), Chuan (Bass / Guitar /Backing Vocals) and Hongliang (Drums / Percussion).

Pitch Feather

Pitch Feather – Photo courtesy of Clarence Aw

There is an enticing lilting timorous vocal that snares the ears and before you know it you are captivated by the delicacy of the sounds which reminisce of the light orchard fruits of a Mâcon-Villages on a fine sunny day with a Dover Sole to accompany. There is a floating balance to the notes, which are under-pinned by a robust structure.

Not aiming to step off the scale, Pitch Feather could equally emerge straight out an American home-base. I think it is the crystal clarity to the compositions which mark it out for an extra listen and that emotionally riven vocal that just keeps the ears tuned in for more.

This is material for a lazy and reminiscing afternoon, at which time the material will enhance the day and mood. The neatly drawn song structures are lifted by some velvety use of composition and instruments which wrap around the overall out-put to great effect and raise this above the vaguely interesting, to a sound worth seeking out.


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