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The 7 Frogs

The 7 Frogs is an indie pop band from Athens in Greece comprising  - Thanasis, George,  FotisAlex and Andrew.

The 7 Frogs

The 7 Frogs

Resonating of all things UK Indie, that wouldn’t shake a stick in the Olive Tree, fortunately The 7 Frogs manage to knock the Olives from the branches and squeeze a drop of oil to the material and here we find a remix, steeped in Friday night on the beach as the fisher boats come home.

There is an agricultural essence which rides way above the curve of yet another Blur fan club as the band introduce a precision and heart-felt intonation to the material.

The fifth member of the band stakes the band above the mundane as they are able to provide a merging of the mundane Urban Street Indie with a sun-down shadow that casts a spell across the ears of the audience.

I am so often saddened to hear bands from lands across the Channel just attempting to regurgitate a localized version of ‘that was hip then’, fortuitously The 7 Frogs have found some differential and the more space they find the better they sound.


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