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The Jim O’Ferrell Band

The Jim O’Ferrell Band also known as the J.O.B Band formed back in 2008 in Richmond in the USA. Jason Crawford (electric lead guitar),  Justin Poroszok (bass guitar and harmony vocals),  Antonio James Jr. (drums) and Jim O’Ferrell (vocals and acoustic rhythm guitar) make up the line up for this rock band.

The Jim O'Ferrell Band

The Jim O’Ferrell Band

For some reason today as I write I am being bombarded by bands that don’t sit within my natural sphere, but have something top add to the palette. Here we have a strong vocal, delivering some dexterous lyrics, surrounded by blues influences.  The searing guttural vocal delivery sounds as though it wouldn’t be out of place on the field of war – and sure enough two decades of serving as an  Airborne Ranger Infantryman  - form the backdrop.

As regular readers will know, having been brought up in a Military Family with a British Army Officer with a service record dating back to the Second War for a father, whilst I respect the service and personal sacrifice, I have scant regard for the ability to get outside that narrow minded thinking. So it is with a pleasing cold shower I stand corrected as The Jim O’Ferrell Band is able to transition to highly thoughtful and emotionally charged ex-servicemen with much to add to the world of music. Which reminds me, I must get on to the story of why Tania was thrown out of the US airforce and sent back to the UK.

There are some superbly written compositions within the wall of sound and I particularly enjoy when the band take this ability and mellow the material, to deliver some of the best rock I have heard for  a long time.


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