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KiWi Time

Based in San Francisco in the USA KiWi Time is Kolyan Skrobat -(Guitar), Yahor Shyp (Guitar), Anna Makouchyk (Vocals) and Vlad Kukharchuk (Drums / Percussion) who grew up together in Belarus, before heading off to the USA to ply alternative rock, with some aplomb.

KiWi Time Photograph - LI YAN

KiWi Time Photograph - LI YAN

I saw the email header, saw KiWi Time and thought, may be I have the first band to feature from New Zealand, then I saw Belarus and thought the first entry from Belarus, but we head firmly back to the USA. There is a vibrancy to the sound which entrances and captures the listener. The band, fronted by a sublimely pitched vocal, ricochets with wallowing instrumentation that deftly frames the glass shattering voice.

The band evidently have a loyal fan-base with whom they have developed a strong rapport, as they have been able to fund the release of the EP A Part of Me, raising finance through that connection, so full credit for staying in tune with the people who really matter.

There is a timelessness to the material, as it pulls roots from many decades, yet resonates with crystal clarity with the here and now. Simple structures and picked guitar at one moment are replaced by delayed chords. KiWi Time engage the listener with an ethereal wisp of lace, before striding across the tympanic membrane with passion and power. This is a quartet of highly talented musicians and the song-writing is of the highest order.


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