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Silas is a rock band from London in England made up of Dave Runham (lead vocals), Tom Ross (guitar / drums backing vocal), Matt Drumm (bass) and Mike Ross (guitar / drums / backing vocal).



Whilst delivering much of their music as an all-out heavy metal out-fit there is an engaging subtexture to the material that is rooted in funk and jazz which enables Silas to deliver not only a powerful heavy metal guitar led sound, but as relevantly enables the quartet to add some superb mood switches that engage listeners with the subtle felt underlay of softer sounds which at once is engaging and marks a point of difference.

As a regular reader, you will know that this is a genre with which I often struggle, but heavy metal bands across the board seem to understand what being a musician in a band is about – creating original music and getting out to play live and Silas too, are of that high work ethic.

The capability that Silas contains within the players to take a more considered approach to their creativity with the quality of composition with the disparate influences makes this an interesting space in which to spend time and offers jaded listeners something, which while immediately recognizable serves up a more rounded and therefore powerful sound than the typical to be found. Silas even manage to run guitar breaks that don’t have me reaching for the snooze button, as they serve the opportunity to showcase those points of difference and in fact add to the overall quality of the music.


World of Colour – EP – Silas is available on iTunes*

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