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The Jim O’Ferrell Band – Chance – LP review

22nd March 2013 saw the Richmond, USA based  The Jim O’Ferrell Band  who I interviewed in December 2012 release their new 6 track LP – Chance. I am trying out a new format for release reviews as this gives you more of an opportunity to hear the tracks for yourself – please let me know […]

An interview with The Jim O’Ferrell Band and the first listening to Chance

An interview with Jason Crawford, Jim O’Ferrell and Antonio James Jr. from the Jim O’Ferrell Band in which we discuss urban myths, moss and much much more. As a part of the release of the new single Chance which comes out today – 8th December 2012 the J.O.B  will also appear on the Radio broadcaster WDCE in the USA. […]

Band of the week 15th to to 21st July 2012

Band of the week 15th to to 21st July 2012 features bands from locations as diverse as The Faroe Islands, England and Holland. The musical styles are just as wide.   1. The Homesick (Holland) 2. The Invisible Gentry (England) Little Sparrow is available on * 3. Magic Trick (USA) Glad Birth of Love is […]

The Jim O’Ferrell Band

The Jim O’Ferrell Band also known as the J.O.B Band formed back in 2008 in Richmond in the USA. Jason Crawford (electric lead guitar),  Justin Poroszok (bass guitar and harmony vocals),  Antonio James Jr. (drums) and Jim O’Ferrell (vocals and acoustic rhythm guitar) make up the line up for this rock band. For some reason today as I write I […]