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An interview with The Jim O’Ferrell Band and the first listening to Chance

An interview with Jason Crawford, Jim O’Ferrell and Antonio James Jr. from the Jim O’Ferrell Band in which we discuss urban myths, moss and much much more.

The Jim O'Ferrell Band

The Jim O’Ferrell Band

As a part of the release of the new single Chance which comes out today – 8th December 2012 the J.O.B  will also appear on the Radio broadcaster WDCE in the USA.

That link again for today –  the 8th December 2012 – 20:00 UTC on WDCE.

You may have pondered the obscure images of the 19th Century – well if you get to see Lincoln – the film – you will find Jim in action.

For more on The Jim O’Ferrell Band.

Yes it wasn’t just an interview with Jim – you can catch Jason and Antonio if you listen carefully. In the after chat, they were more vocal, J.O.B. is not just Jim, but his stories are so well put, well wouldn’t you let him tell it as it is?

Chance is available on The JOB - The Jim O'Ferrell Band*

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