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Einstein In A Patent Office

Einstein In A Patent Office is an experimental electronics solo project by the Salt Lake Based City (USA) Jackson Kelley – who also features as the front-man for the blues rock  JoJo & The Missionaries.

Einstein In A Patent Office

Einstein In A Patent Office

The Cambridge (England) experimental scene would be a natural space for Einstein In A Patent Office. This is currently such an underground project that the only people who knew about it before today were a few of Jacksons’ friends. The concept of the blues rock guitarist heading off to experimental electronics is not as far fetched as it may on first thought appear, as the most effective are those who stretch the boundaries widest, but other than that – yes this is a big side-step, which I think you will find as engaging as I.

Even the name of the project gives a clue to how far Einstein In A Patent Office is looking to stretch constructs. Expect no familiar song structures here, though the notes do follow a distinguishable pattern and as you will well know I do think we, as music fans, do need to be taken out of our seed-bed from time to time to explore the edges of the envelope, which in this case slices a little opening to the paper to look far further afield.

Interestingly, although stretching boundaries, much of this is slowed down iconic new wave from the ’80s which you well know distils comfortably in my heart and I can hear references to Kraftwerk in an abstract form.

If I have one criticism, and I don’t direct this at Jackson Kelley in isolation within the experimental scene, it is that while they eschew formulaic musical middles experimental musicians, in the main, seek to define starts and ends to tracks and package these as releases, in this case a new 6 track – Supernova Sounds – coming out imminently. That isn’t to say that this is not an excellent piece of work and for such a new direction one to be highly supported and it is a great pleasure to expose Einstein In A Patent Office to a broader spectrum.


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