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Happy Lives

Happy Lives is a New York, USA based alternative indie trio of Mike Lande (lead vocals / guitar), Julian Beale (back-up vocals / midi keyboard /samples) and Seth Nicoletti (Drums / back-up vocals).

Happy Lives

Happy Lives

An interesting concept band, Happy Lives combine backing-tracks, a sampler pad, and a midi-keyboard that uses instruments built by hand and songs are often remixed on the spot enabling them to play improvised material on the hoof, or deliver more rehearsed material. This DIY ethic and ability to deliver ‘on the go sounds’ enables the band to engage closely with their audience and the combination of loops and live instruments is delivered with some panache.

The ever rumbling bass notes sit well, inside my head, whilst the free flowing guitar lifts the material to an almost industrial shoegaze construct. Happy Lives has far more in the kit-bag as the live performances reflect the reality of actually appearing on stage, they  have a spread of sounds at their disposal and this is a band I would expect will start to explore the limits further as they become more established and gain greater confidence. They evidently have gelled well as they are already able to stretch the performances to improvisations and I would anticipate that their live performances will develop in to some superbly delivered nights-out. Needless to say, I look forward to hearing the band develop.


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