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Prevrat is an electro rock vehicle for Ric Gordon a singer songwriter from Kansas City in the USA to explore faltering relationships. A palpable haze of atmosphere seeps through the room on hitting play as Prevrat discourse the ‘almost’ of relationships existing at different levels of expectation. Somewhat brooding, but nonetheless engaging. Influences range back to 1st […]


Meltybrains? is Ben, Donnacha, Tadhg, Micheál and Brian an ambient electro-rock band from Dublin in Ireland. A surreal sense of humour and take on the world akin to Dali meets Private Eye set to music greets the ears with the output of Meltybrains?. The electro-ambience is flecked with experimental directions, yet there is a recognizable format to the sound which is […]


Ekkomouse is the electro-rock duo of Steve Prane and Adam Retherford from St Louis in the USA. Interestingly my inbox is become ever more frequented by bands who take the heart and soul of ’70s and ’80s rock and are reconfiguring it in to drum loops and electronic paraphernalia, whilst retaining Guitar and Bass. Few so far appear […]

Wailer Pilot Study

Wailer Pilot Study is an electro-rock band from Manchester comprising of the duo - Stephen (Vocals / Bass /Keys /Samples) and Kieran (Vocals /Guitar / Beats). You know how sometimes despite yourself you find something interesting, well so I find myself here with Wailer Pilot Study. Guitar, bass, vocal and a choice to have no natural […]

The Polysonic

Polysonic is the vehicle through which the Reading, England based singer song-writer Tom Wolfe delivers his electro-pop-rock. Electro-pop and yet above we find an image of a good old upright from the oldest established piano makers in the world? I could equally have posted an image of a six or four stringed electric guitar as […]

Mr. Meeble

Nathan’s thoughts on Mr. Meeble – an electronic out-fit from Phoenix, Arizona in the USA; comprising of Devin Fleenor, Michael Plaster and Rick Heins. The trio has an interesting sound; as with a lot of ‘chilled’ electro, it’s a hard sound to dislike. The songs are well constructed and very professional sounding, leading me to […]