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The Steepwater Band | The Stars Look Good Tonight

The prodigious energy of The Steepwater Band, finds another avenue, with the release of the 4 track single The Stars Look Good Tonight out on 23rd February 2010.

The Steepwater Band | The Stars Look Good Tonight

The Steepwater Band | The Stars Look Good Tonight

There are a couple of surprises with this release: Firstly that they actually manage to find the time, their never ending tour schedule, which sees them heading over to Europe this month (the updated tour dates are delivered through our newsletter); The second being this is their first ever single, despite having released LPs over the 12 years of their existence.

The Stars Look Good Tonight, sees the band as fresh and relevant as they always are. The 5 minute title track, seems to last but a few bars, as the band generate their signature controlled, yet dynamic sound.  Twanging guitars set the scene for a superb ride in to the single, joined by the smoky lyric. This is a release by a band who are confident of the path they are treading, with a crystal clear production, this is a no-nonsense showcase of The Steepwater Band, as they continue to re-energize and entertain audiences across both sides of the Atlantic.

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