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Band of the Month December 2009

Climbing 4 places to the top of the chart for the band of the month for December, The Gadsdens from the UK.

The Gadsdens Photo taken by Allan Hinton

The Gadsdens Photo taken by Allan Hinton

Band of the Month December 2009 top 20 chart

  1. The Gadsdens UK (up 4 places)
  2. Gaoler’s Daughter UK (up 5 places)
  3. Krakatoa UK (down 2 places)
  4. The Drums USA (up 5 places)
  5. Them Bird Things Finland/USA (new entry)
  6. Jon and Lynn USA (unchanged)
  7. Long Long Showers Sweden (new entry)
  8. Gary War USA (up 10 places)
  9. Mono Stereo Sweden (down 5 places)
  10. Rajasthan Roots India (up 10 places)
  11. Vaqueros Paganos Argentina (unchanged)
  12. Reader’s Wives Ireland (down 9 places)
  13. Lunaria Argentina (new entry)
  14. Ashdowne UK (up 3 places)
  15. The Steepwater Band USA (down 3 places)
  16. Divorce UK (re-entry)
  17. The Pocket Gods UK (re-entry)
  18. Beloved Rogue USA (new entry)
  19. The XX UK (down 5 places)
  20. Goldhawks UK (new entry)

The final band of the month chart for the decade contains music from  seven different countries, with 5 new entries and 1 re-entry in the chart.

The Gadsdens, are rising in prominence very quickly, as their catchy tunes and undoubted musicianship appeal to a broad fan-base.

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