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New Year Ninety 2010 | 71 to 80

The New Year Ninety 2010 chart continues …. from 80 to 71 71. Ben’s Brother (England) Glow by Ben’s Brother is available on * 72. Juliet Gough (Denmark) Rays Around The Sun by Juliet Gough is available on * 73. Ashdowne (England) A Warning to the Curious by Ashdowne is available on * 74. Robotnik […]

New Year Ninety 2010 from 61 to 70

The New Year Ninety 2010 chart countdown …. from 70 to 61 61. The Reactors (England) 62. Red Vellum Razorblades (Trinidad and Tobago) 63. Roses Kings Castles (England) Suburban Timebombs by Roses Kings Castles is available on * 64. The Exhibition (England) The Exhibition by Of National Importance 65. Dinah Wants Religion (Sweden) 66. Marla […]

The New Year Ninety 2010 | 81 to 90

Another year has gone past, in marking the time, once again the Indie Bands Blog presents the New Year Ninety for 2010- The chart run down starts here – number 90 to 81 81. Oh NO IT’s POk (Italy) The EP Zoo Pow by Oh NO IT’s POk is available as a free download 82. […]

Band of the Week 25th December 2010

Missing Andy, from England return to the top spot on the Indie Bands Blog, Band of the week top ten. 1. Missing Andy (England) 2. Gaoler’s Daughter (England) 3. Marla Mase (USA) 4. Andreia Dias (Brazil) 5. Islington Boys Club (England) 6. Andy De Rosa and Electric Mojo (England) 7. Krakatoa (England) 8. Captain Beefheart […]

The Good Natured

The Good Natured, hailing from Highclere, Berkshire in the UK. Sarah McIntosh describes her music as ‘…Electronic pop with a heart… .’ First-rate electro-pop strikes the lugubrious vocal of The Good Natured, generating a sound which demands attention. The up-tempo electronica doesn’t mask the depth of feeling Sarah McIntosh, brings to her performance. On listening, […]

Gaoler’s Daughter | Rhyme and Treason EP

Originally set for release in November, the Rhyme and Treason EP, by Gaoler’s Daughter, has now been set for release February 14th 2011. In the mean time they are busy laying down tracks for their forthcoming Album The four track EP Rhyme and Treason finds Gaoler’s Daughter developing greater resonance to their sound. While I […]

Andreia Dias

Andreia Dias, a solo artist from Sao Paulo in Brazil, is no stranger to music. Her original Album, part of a planned trilogy Vol. 1 was released in 2008, with the follow up Vol. 2 coming out in 2010. She is a prolific song-writer, with a natural sense of Samba rhythm. The second album was […]

Band of the Week 18th December 2010

A new number one this week, Marla Mase from New York, takes over the top spot from Missing Andy who slip one place. 1. Marla Mase (USA) 2. Missing Andy (England) 3. Captain Beefheart (USA) 4. Islington Boys Club (England) 5. Andy De Rosa and Electric Mojo (England) 6. Stellarscope (USA) 7. Manna (Finland) 8. […]

Don Van Vliet | Captain Beefheart

It is a shame I never got round to writing about this remarkable man before his death on 17th December 2010. I tend to ignore being on trend, but Captain Beefheart, is an iconic exception. There is a plethora of background on Don Van Vliet, and I am not aiming to reproduce the immense catalogue […]

Andy De Rosa and Electric Mojo

Very early on this year, I wandered along to see The Steepwater Band at Bush Hall in London and had the chance to see Andy De Rosa and Electric Mojo who were also playing on the bill. I had planned to get this article up a while ago, but events overtook me, time to rectify […]

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