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Band of the Week 18th December 2010

A new number one this week, Marla Mase from New York, takes over the top spot from Missing Andy who slip one place. 1. Marla Mase (USA) 2. Missing Andy (England) 3. Captain Beefheart (USA) 4. Islington Boys Club (England) 5. Andy De Rosa and Electric Mojo (England) 6. Stellarscope (USA) 7. Manna (Finland) 8. […]

Band of the week 11th December 2010

For the second consecutive week Missing Andy top the inde bands blog, band of the week chart. 1. Missing Andy (England) 2. Islington Boys Club (England) 3. Manna (Finland) 4. Stellarscope (USA) 5. Marla Mase (USA) 6. The Moonjets (England) 7. Krakatoa (England) 8. The Gadsdens (England) 9. Fez (Wales) 10. The Ex (Holland) Sing […]

Band of the week 27th February 2010

The Drums from the USA take the number one spot on the indie bands blog band of the week chart. The Drums have just concluded a successful European tour and head back to the USA riding the crest of developing world wide enthusiasm. Band of the week: Top 10. Saturday 27th February 2010. The Drums […]