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The Good Natured

The Good Natured, hailing from Highclere, Berkshire in the UK. Sarah McIntosh describes her music as ‘…Electronic pop with a heart… .’

The Good Natured

The Good Natured

First-rate electro-pop strikes the lugubrious vocal of The Good Natured, generating a sound which demands attention. The up-tempo electronica doesn’t mask the depth of feeling Sarah McIntosh, brings to her performance.

On listening, I am taken back to my far too frequent nights at Brown’s in the mid ‘90’s.

Far too frequently electronic-pop is discarded as a sub-genre for spaced out club fans and it is always a pleasure to find artists who can add some real depth to the style.

The Good Natured by Theo PR

While I remain unconvinced by the Mockney ‘Sarf Landin’,  indulgence, Sarah is a highly gifted artist, who would in all probability if she stopped trying so hard to have street credibility, become a far stronger artist.

A great addition to the Indie Bands Blog, The Good Natured add some real value to the direction of music for the current decade.


The Good Natured release, Your Body in My Machine is available from Your Body Is a Machine - EP - The Good Natured*.

Keep up to date with the best music from around the globe through our SoundCloud page.

*Purchases made through the Your Body Is a Machine - EP - The Good Natured link will result in the indie bands blog earning a commission

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