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Gaoler’s Daughter | Rhyme and Treason EP

Originally set for release in November, the Rhyme and Treason EP, by Gaoler’s Daughter, has now been set for release February 14th 2011.

In the mean time they are busy laying down tracks for their forthcoming Album

Gaoler's Daughter

Gaoler's Daughter

The four track EP Rhyme and Treason finds Gaoler’s Daughter developing greater resonance to their sound.

While I was listening to Shark in a Sink, I found myself floating off in to the world of psychedelia, before a reverberation of tempo change slanted the track towards a more reggae beat, prior to heading off to some classic Rock, before depositing me back to the 21st Century. In just under four minutes of music, the band manage to interpret a huge range of musical styles to great effect, avoiding the pitfall of music by committee.

Angry Eyes, has the band back in the more familiar territory of The only way to travel, with reggae influences to the fore. An arena in which Gaoler’s Daughter excel.

Gaoler’s Daughter | Angry Eyes

Famous Green Dress, is with-out doubt my favourite track on the EP. Heavy syncopated bass, high pitched vibrato guitar and superb vocal has the band in superb form. The 4:20 of the track are over all too quickly for me.

Anyone is the lightest track on the EP, I don’t mean light as in lacking value, but light as in up-tempo. It still holds the signature guitar and drum sound of the band, but seems to take a more light hearted approach. I enjoy the depth of Gaoler’s Daughter and whilst this is a well crafted and delivered piece of music, it doesn’t sit on my radar as ‘core’ material,

You may have noticed the image above references a new album. Gaoler’s Daughter are currently looking for fan support to help with the funding of their new album and as of writing there are only 45 days left to help with the funding.

Be great if you could take a moment to look at the project and even if you don’t pledge yourself, perhaps you know of a friend who can help these guys.

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