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Andreia Dias

Andreia Dias, a solo artist from Sao Paulo in Brazil, is no stranger to music. Her original Album, part of a planned trilogy Vol. 1 was released in 2008, with the follow up Vol. 2 coming out in 2010. She is a prolific song-writer, with a natural sense of Samba rhythm. The second album was released using the same musicians as Vol. 1 Guilherme Kastrup (drums / percussion), Luque Barros (bass), Ricardo Prado (keyboards / programming) and Estevan Sinkovitz (guitar / guitar).

Andreia Dias by gabriel wickbold

Andreia Dias by gabriel wickbold

Her lyrics about crazy love stories, social connections, tinged with a sharp sense of perspective, are typically sung to a Samba influenced beat. Her clear and sharp voice rises above the hypnotic beat, delivering a real sense of enjoyment.

Far more than a Samba singer, Andreia Dias, adds a creative spark that takes this far above being purely music to provide a background for dancers. The out-put has sufficient depth and range to add some real interest, as the music paints images with her voice providing the paint-brush, highlighting accents and colours as the sound sweeps forward.

With some great interpretation, the overall effect is of a hugely capable songwriter, who has a keen eye to dramatic effects, without becoming self-obsessed.

Even for non-Portuguese speakers the out-put is highly accessible.


Vol.2 by Andeia Dias is available on Vol. 2 - Andreia Dias*

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