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Band of the week 6th February 2010

The Brassic managed to hook the number one spot this week in a closely contested chart for the band of the week.  *( see additional note after publication) There was some sculduggery from a The Brassic fan, which was discounted and their IP address is now banned from the website (for a while), you don’t need to do it and we will discount it.

The Brassic

The Brassic

Sorry to sound so negative on a band of the week chart. The Brassic deserve their number one spot, but I feel a little despondent.

Band of the week: Top 10. Saturday 6th February 2010.

  1. The Brassic UK (+ 3 places)
  2. Elephantom USA (- 1 place)
  3. Fez UK (+ 3 places)
  4. Archy and Mehitabel USA (new entry)
  5. Kabul Dreams Afghanistan (+ 5 places)
  6. Pete Um UK (new entry)
  7. The Drums USA  (unchanged)
  8. The Gadsdens UK (+ 1 places)
  9. The Steepwater Band USA (re-entry)
  10. Stuart Newman USA (new entry)

The Brassic from South East London are generating a significant following which is deserved, for their highly energetic output.

* re-reading this post it may seem that The Brassic themselves were at fault, this isn’t the case at all. The IP address concerned related to one person who has nothing to do with the band (a fess up, for which I take off my hat) hit the return button over 400 times in a two hour period. The Brassic totally deserve the number one spot and my downer has nothing to do with the result of the chart, purely a sense that as the site continues to grow these types of things are likely to happen more often, which is sad.

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