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Periplo a solo artist from Buenos Aires in Argentina, has been experimenting as a solo artist since 2006 and in 2007 when his previous band split, he set out seriously to create the sound of Periplo.



Having focused primarily on recording material, he has so far produced two EPs and one album (currently working on a second album) which are all released under creative commons Licence and created at home, it wasn’t until 2009, that Periplo started to play in live venues.

His material draws on a diversity of influences and the output is fairly diverse. Having spent much time listening to American and British bands, his English lyric sits comfortably on top of the sound.

In much of his music I find myself in a space which is intended to be unknown and slightly threatening. There is an air of desolation surrounding the resulting output. Well constructed and challenging to the listener, Periplo is an artist who has set his stall and is accomplished at what he is seeking to deliver.  His album, Música permutante brings in numerous effects and instruments, all surrounding a ’70s space theme. His more recent EP, Cuerdas uses just vocal and guitar.

Cuerdas by Periplo

Currently working on a film score, it will be interesting to see where Periplo heads next.


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