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Back in 2009, Ideals came to fruition in Ipswich when school friends Johnny Healey (Guitar),  Simon Wilson (Bass),  Andrew Major (Guitar) and Benjamin Ward (Drums) got together, they have since relocated to London, signing with Intruder Records and plans for a half dozen releases this year.



In summation, guitar is the central string to Ideals, as the guitar adds the definitive layer to the band. They play with a mix of styles, which in my opinion, hits the note when they don’t stray away from the construct of their core sound, as at this point Ideals hit a sweet spot.

The vocal is interesting and the whole group are able to compose a tune which makes perfect sense, as they all make valuable contributions which  raise the bar from…. yet another indie band… to something interesting.

I hope they don’t strive too hard to hit the mainstream, as to do so would be to loose the essence of the music,  before they wander off to a space that makes less sense. At present there are compositions which make sense and for this I am delighted to include them on the Indie Bands Blog, I just wonder if the drive for commercial success, will take their eye off the ball and see them fall flat on their back.

Get to know Ideals now and keep them on the straight and narrow, in the envelope in which they are of real value.

Forever Leisure is available on Forever Leisure EP - Ideals*

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