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Passion Project

Passion Project is a music collective who got together in late 2009, the vast majority of the artists are classically or jazz  trained as they introduce layered instruments to rock ballads. Hailing from New York in the USA. Dax Callner (vocals), Joe Campanero (guitar), Aaron Green (bass), Terry Shook (drums), Trevor New (viola), Lisette Vitter (violin), Adrianna Donovan (cello) and Shannon Piegaro (vocals) have become the core stable of the outfit and can be found playing occasional gigs around the City.

Passion Project

Passion Project

Passion Project manage to explore an interesting space, as they bring orchestral constructs to rock riffs. It could completely flat on it’s face, but their songwriting and compositions generate an entertaining and engaging output. Jazz is lifted with the sheer layers of instruments employed, all mixing to create a solid and progressive sound. It is experimental, with none of the drawback, well in my brain, of experimental jazz. While the collective is able to generate a sonic  envelop, the material is constructed in such a way as to give the listener time and space to enjoy what is happening, while becoming engaged with the individual layers. The tracks are given enough time to develop to keep the ears engaged and interested and short enough to require a second go to ensure all the instruments have been heard in context.

This is cleverly produced material which avoids the saccharin sweetness to which it could so easily seep, as strong vocals and relevant drums retain an energy and direction to the compositions.

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I am  reminded of Elephantom who topped the 2010 New Year Ninety Chart and look forward to hearing more of Passion Project.

Their eponymous release is available on Passion Project - Passion Project*

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