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The Prettiest Meltdown

The Prettiest Meltdown from New York in the USA are a quartet fronted by Danielle Patoir (vocals /guitar), with Anthony Cimmino (guitar / programming), Fernando Hoyos (drums), and Mikey Sarkissian (bass), forming in 2009 the band have gone through a couple of iterations including a spell as Zeros & Ones, the line-up and direction now seems more settled.

The Prettiest Meltdown

The Prettiest Meltdown

Encapsulating a country devoid of compassion, The Prettiest Meltdown generate a highly energetic ambiance with an intriguing vocal. The energy shines though the music as they whirl in to spaces unknown. This is music that reflects on the abject moral destitution of a home which sneers at the poor, elderly and disabled, as the haves spit on the have nots with derision.

There is a sense of helplessness in the out-put, hysterical and clawing, desperately seeking for a foothold on the wet-cliffs over-looking oblivion. Emotional coils snap out, grasping for space and purchase.  This is the space of The Prettiest Meltdown, hugely powerful, yet intensely introspective, self-protective and fearful.

One word. Beautiful.


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