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UKID is a hip-hop rock band from Glastonbury in England. Back in 2010 Ben-Jah (Lead Vocals), Glenn (Guitar), KJ (Bass), Joey (Drums) set out to make a difference, now having completed University they are even more determined. A combination which just demands attention – the geography of Glastonbury and Hip-Hop, not to mention rock. Reminding me […]

Seething Akira

Seething Akira is a dubstep-rock band from Portsmouth in England. Currently seeking Management representation – the four-piece of Kit Conrad (Vocals), Charlie Bowes (Vocals / Synths), Studas Lopez (Guitar / Vocals) and Stu Radcliffe (Drums) are making a decent fist of doing it all themselves. A refreshing combination of sounds emerge from the speakers, ambient electronics, dubstep references and […]


Sonner from Sunderland in England deliver an emotional heart to rock music as Mick Corkhill, Gareth Ord, Tom Elliott and Gary Partridge reflect the world around them. The more I hear musicians from the North East of England, the more I question my long-held perceptions. I am wondering whether this really is the hardened face of industrial deprivation as many […]

Vaganza Trailerpark – … and you will know us by the trail of pink feathers

The five piece rock band from Malmö in Sweden Vaganza Trailerpark, have recently released their EP … and you will know us by the trail of pink feathers. Jessica Bergkvist (Vocals, Anders Jönsson (Guitar), Max Aspelund (Guitar), Jokke Rosén (Bass) and Jonas Fritze (Drums) add a touch of chilli sauce to the world of rock ‘n’ roll.   The Five track EP opens with […]

Passion Project

Passion Project is a music collective who got together in late 2009, the vast majority of the artists are classically or jazz  trained as they introduce layered instruments to rock ballads. Hailing from New York in the USA. Dax Callner (vocals), Joe Campanero (guitar), Aaron Green (bass), Terry Shook (drums), Trevor New (viola), Lisette Vitter […]